Recycling – West Orange Environmental Center


The Environmental Center is managed by the Department of Public Works in conjunction with a private company that processes vegetative materials. This center accepts the items from residents that are collected at mandatory curbside recycling and other recyclable items generated from your home listed below. Items brought to the environmental center are not recycled using the single stream method (curbside only) and must be separated as listed below:

  1. Commingled in one container: Glass beverage and food containers (all colors), aluminum beverage containers, tin/steel food cans, plastic containers for beverages, food, detergents, and shampoo type plastics. Check the container for the number. The Environmental Center accepts plastics #1, 2 & 5. Containers must be empty and should be rinsed free of residue.
  2. Flattened cardboard, brown cardboard, cereal and pasta type boxes.
  3. Mixed Paper: Newspaper with inserts, magazines, office paper, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, construction paper, paperback books and books with hard covers removed.


Cell Phones and Wireless Devices

Computers, Laptops and Computer Accessory Equipment

FAX and Copy Machines

Printers, Scanners and Servers

Stereos and VCR's



Household Rechargeable Batteries

Is Your Battery Recyclable? (PDF)

Leaves in paper bags

Scrap Metals – Ferrous, Non-ferrous, Tire Rims

Tree parts, branches and brush

Tires without Rims- $5 per residential tire will be charged

Free Soil and Mulch

West Orange residents may pick up free soil and mulch in two (2) 35 gallon containers. Trucks are not allowed for pick up.


Used motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries – Accepted at DPW, 25 Lakeside Avenue

Essex County Utilities Authority

Light Bulbs – CFL's, Fluorescent, Metal Halide – ECUA Collection Days

Propane Tanks with O.P.D. or triangle knob - Emptied – ECUA Collection Days

Household Hazardous Waste- ECUA Collection Days